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About Jason Richey

A True Pennsylvanian.

Jason Richey is a true Pennsylvanian. His family can be traced to some of the earliest settlers in Washington County, where both of his parents were raised. Jason’s dad grew up working on a farm, while his mom was the daughter of a housekeeper and a gas station attendant. After marrying, his parents moved to Beaver County, where Jason grew up. Jason’s dad, Roy, became an airplane mechanic, and his mom, Donna, was a teacher at Aliquippa High School, where she became one of the all-time great girls’ basketball coaches in Pennsylvania history.

Dedicated and Hard-working.

At Hopewell Area High School, Jason played football and wrestled while taking numerous odd-jobs to help his family, including grass cutting, busboy, roofer and McDonalds’s cook. Jason then attended Allegheny College in Crawford County, where he graduated magna cum laude with a 3.8 GPA, which earned him Phi Beta Kappa honors. Additionally, Jason became a three-time NCAA Academic All-American wrestler and finished his collegiate wrestling career as only the third wrestler in Allegheny history with 100 wins.

After college, Jason worked his way through law school performing hard labor as a union worker at an Aliquippa steel mill. In 1993, Jason attended one of the top law schools in the country, Ohio State University. Jason graduated in 1996 and returned home to Pittsburgh to work at one of the largest law firms in the world, K&L Gates LLP.

At K&L Gates, Jason burst onto the legal scene, representing large and small manufacturing and energy companies and contractors throughout the world as well as representing the highest profile professional wrestling organization. About half way through his career, Jason began representing companies to uncover government corruption and procurement irregularities at state and local governments throughout the country. In 2005, after less than 10 years at K&L, Jason earned the opportunity to become a partner in the firm.

Jason’s work ethic, experience in the private sector, and passion for making things right, make him the best candidate for leading the Great Pennsylvania Comeback.

Jason’s Contract with Pennsylvania

The Contract with Pennsylvania is a contract with our citizens to renew their individual rights and make their government accountable to them. It’s a contract to energize the growth and prosperity of the citizens of this great state, well into the future.

Jason Richey is the leader that can make this comeback a reality.

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